President's Message

Welcome to the Wharton Club of Germany and Austria. The Wharton Alumni Association is one of the most exclusive and powerful networks in the world. It is in our all interest to establish an infrastructure that can open doors, and provide business contacts, access, and opportunities for all alumni.

What I as the president of the German and Austrian Club would like to do with the club is

  1. Increase the reputation of Wharton in Germany: we all have to work on this and mention our alma mater as often as possible. The reputation is excellent in a narrow circle of people. A broader base of people who know Wharton in Germany would not be of disadvantage.
  2. Increase the quality and quantity of applicants: For the admission office and us as alumni it is important to go where the best young talent is (top universities; top employers).
  3. Provide an active, high quality network for all alumni with regular events: The network lives from the giving of its members. Only if a critical mass of people show up, it works. We want to provide two different formats:
    • Smaller regional events (10-20 persons) every three to six months in cities like Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf/Köln, Munich, Wien.
    • One or two larger Germany/Austria events p.a. in Munich and/or Frankfurt: a half-day program with very interesting speakers.

I hope that most of you enjoy the Wharton network and are willing to integrate and help. If we all work together and everybody gives something, we will enjoy much more. As the proverb goes: “If I give you one dollar and you give me one dollar, I have one dollar and you have one dollar. But if I give you one idea and you give me one idea, we have both two ideas.” If we live our network according to this principle, we can build something strong!


Michael Dreimann, WG10
Wharton Club of Germany and Austria