President's Message

Welcome to the Wharton Club of Germany and Austria.

The Wharton Alumni Association is one of the most exclusive and powerful networks in the world. Whether you graduated from the MBA, undergraduate, Lauder Institute, PhD, Certificate or Executive programs, we all share a common Wharton experience.

Personally, I see my time at Wharton not only as an incredible academic value, but as great personal enrichment. And while I can only speak for myself, I know that ,many other Alumni have similar feelings.

It is the goal of the global Wharton Alumni network to extend this unique experience way beyond your actual attendance at Wharton and to establish an infrastructure for meeting your fellow alumni, make business contacts, and hopefully friends.

We are all aware that our network in Europe is not as tight as in the United States (the New York Alumni Chapter alone can rely on over 30,000 members, for instance). But we accept the challenge to build a strong, supporting network of fellow Alumni.

Hopefully, this website and our alumni resources will continue to grow, and if you are looking for anything at all, you should be able to find it within our Wharton alumni community: “Wharton alumni help Wharton alumni!”

I urge you to take an active role in our growing alumni community – there is nothing to lose and a lot to gain from it. Take advantage of your Wharton connection and the resources it provides– take the call and make the call!



Dirk Scholl, WG03
Wharton Club of Germany and Austria