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Your acceptance to the Wharton School was a milestone in your education and your career, and the benefits didn’t stop when you graduated. As you live in Germany or Austria, you automatically belong to the Wharton Club of Germany and Austria as a member, giving you access to a family of more than 200 alumni in the area.

We organize regular events in different cities, e.g. in Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna. Each one is an opportunity to build relationships, and meet other successful Wharton alumni and support the large Wharton alumni community in the world!

Please Note: You will need your PennKey credentials to log-in and access exclusive member content.  Please contact [email protected] if you don't know your username and/or password.

General Member

Please fill out this form to this form to join our club. We look forward to seeing you soon! Any questions can be directed to [email protected].